Sunday, February 2, 2014

London Bridge review: "Just as in the nursery rhyme, London Bridge likely to fall down!!!"

Without a shadow of a doubt, 2013 belonged well & truly to Prithviraj, though the award shows prove otherwise (after all most of them are just fixed & handed to every big shot who attends the function like Asianet Awards). Each one of his films apart from being unique were critically & commercially viable. So ever since the promos of "London Bridge" were showcased, there was a sense of anticipation as to whether this one will hit the bull's eye as well??? 

Vijay Das (Prithviraj), is a young, vibrant and successful businessman in London who had steadily climbed the stairs of success due to his hard work & money minded mentality. On the pretext of a financial settlement, he gets called up by Mr. C S Nambiar (Prathap Pothen), one of the wealthiest business magnate in UK. Being impressed with Vijay, Nambiar asks him to date his daughter Pavithra (Andrea Jeremiah), whose humanitarian services & weird boyfriends had Nambiar at his wit's end. Vijay realizing the avenues that could open up for him if he marries Pavithra, tries to woo her but realizes it's easier said than done. Things take a turn when his car rams into Merin (Nandita Raj), who had just landed that day to join as a nurse under the NHS scheme. So will Vijay finally win over Pavithra as he tries to impress her by taking care of Merin???

After a hiatus of three years, Anil C Menon is back with his latest venture & though his track record doesnt speak high of him, I was still hopeful since Prithvi was in the lead. However, except for some pristine locales & songs which has been exquisitely presented by Jithu Damodar, the script by Jinu Abraham was nothing more than a predictable romantic melodrama. Both the halves were pretty dragging & doesnt offer anything that the audience havent seen before or atleast packaged in a different manner. The music was average at best with Rahul Raj's "Kannadi Vaathil" rendered by Haricharan being my pick among the lot; however, Gopi Sundar has done an impressive job with the BGM. 

With such a trite script, there wasn't much Prithvi could do about it; as the role didn't pose any sort of challenge to him. Nandita Raj seemed to be a good choice from a physical point of view as she was really cute, but her expressions failed to convey the same emotions as the dialogues. Andrea has done a decent job while Prathap Pothen & Mukesh has done justice to their roles. As for the rest of the cast, nothing worthy enough to mention. 

Verdict: Prithvi's presence will ensure an impressive initial & that will be what the producers will be banking on, as the film doesn't offer much hope. I would have to admit that the title reminds me of the nursery rhyme "London Bridge is falling down" & this is most likely what is going to happen. In short, maybe the fans can give it a try while the others can give it a pass!!!

Rating: 2.25/5


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