Friday, January 31, 2014

Salala Mobiles review: "This mobile will be in silent mode at the box office!!!"

The past week has been quite eventful for me as it was my sister's wedding & being the brother, I was pretty damn busy till a few days back. Anywaz, after that I decided to check out "Salala Mobiles", as I liked the songs & their picturisation which was being beamed on TV quite regularly. Inspite of a debutant director, the presence of Dulquer & Nazriya did create a hype around the movie. But will this mobile be ringing at the box office remains to be seen.

Afsal (Dulquer Salman) is a lazy bum who loves to vile away his time hogging food & sleeping till late into the morning. Seeking to make him into a responsible lad, his uncle financially helps him in setting up a cell phone shop named "Salala Mobiles". He is assisted in this business venture by his best buddy & mobile technician, Binoy (Jacob Gregory).At the behest of his friend, Hari (Sreekumar); Afsal travels to Coimbatore to buy stocks for his shop at an economical rate & meets up with Alakarsami (Santhanam), a techno wiz who gifts him with a phone tapping device.  At around this time, Afsal falls head over heels for Shahana (Nazriya Nazim), who happens to catch the bus from the stop right opposite to his shop. As destiny would have it, she visits his shop to recharge her mobile but Afsal fails to gather courage to express his feelings for her. So will he be able to tell her before it's too late???

Though it might be a directorial debut for Sharath Haridaasan, he has been in the industry for more than a decade now & quite an experienced hand in ads and short films. Without mincing words, I would have to say that he has done a mediocre job with an inane script. Both the halves doesnt offer anything substantial except for a few laughs thanks to their late night phone eavesdropping . However, Gopi Sundar has done a praise worthy job with the songs, with all of them belonging to different genres. Equally impressive were their picturisation for which Satheesh Kurup deserves a pat.

I fail to understand as to why Dulquer agreed to do such a whimsical movie, as apart from looking silly with a twinkle in his eyes, he barely had anything else to do. Actually, he didnt even seem to be in sync with the character as it kinda looked artificial when he kept on grinning, As for Nazriya, she just had to do four things namely look gorgeous, change costumes, recharge her cell & wail through the mobile; which she has done well to be frank. Gregory fails to recreate the ABCD magic, while the rest of the cast do their bit as expected.

Verdict: The lead pair & the songs does manage to create a hype in the initial days. But it turned out that the whole film had nothing apart from these two, as the script is virtually non existent. In short, give it a try if you have time in your hand or else forget it!!!

Rating: 1.75/5


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