Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mannar Mathai Speaking 2 review: "Pathetic rehash of the prequel!!!"

We have almost been a month into 2014 & the releases understandably has been far and few after all Lalettan's "Drishyam" is still going strong. However, this week witnessed the release of "Mannar Mathai Speaking 2", which as the name suggests is the sequel to illustrious movies which needs no introduction. In the past few years, the Malayalam industry has tried its hand in sequels & invariably most of the times it has been in vain be it "Sagar Alias Jackie" or "Nerariyan CBI". The promos hasn't been impressive at all, so will the film be a disgrace to its prequel??? I hope not...

After having faced numerous mishaps, thanks to their Urvashi Theatres; the protagonists, Mannar Mathai (Innocent), Gopalakrishnan (Mukesh) & Balakrishnan (Saikumar) have shifted attention to tourism & are presently proprietors of Urvashi Tours & Travels. However, Mathai still harbored hopes of reviving the troupe to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Urvashi Theatres & even scripted a drama titled "Mathayude Suvishesham", much to the displeasure of the other two. On the pretext of putting up an ad calling for drivers conversant in English; he also calls for female drama artists. But little did they realise that the past will come to haunt them as an unexpected guest lands at their doorstep.

There is no doubt that trying to make a sequel is no mean feat especially when the prequels are of iconic stature. But Mamas decided to take up the challenge, a person who had impressed me with his "Cinema Company" though it didn't do much at the box office. Unfortunately, his latest effort turns out to be nothing more than a mere rehash with many of the characters making a fleeting appearance in some sequence or the other. The hilarious comedy which has been the highlight in the prequels, was conspicuously absent as just a few was able to  impart a chuckle. It does post a twist towards the latter half, but it was barely impactful as the climax was kinda similar as well. As for the other technical aspects, it didnt present anything which deserves special mention.

In the performance department, Innocent does manage to bring a smile though it has to be mentioned that most of the comedies were just copied from the prequels. As for Mukesh & Saikumar, they didnt have anything substantial to do while Aparna Gopinath's nascent filmography will rate this as her worst. Coming to the rest of the cast, none of them impressed except for Biju Menon (that too only in few sequences) & pretty much spoiled the good will the characters had garnered in the prequel.

Verdict: The makers hoping to cash in on the hype is in for a rude shock as it's likely to be held over from the main centres within this week itself. Neither does it offer a good storyline nor some decent fresh comedy & leaves the audience with a sense of anguish as to why this sequel was even made. In short, dont bother as you can check out the rehashed comedy scenes on TV!!!

Rating: 1.75/5



  1. nerariyan cbi was an ok fare and it became an average grosser.
    cinema company had it's heart at the right place,but offensive jokes(bordering on character assasination) and a lagging screenplay post interval made it a below average fare alltogether

  2. I found Nerariyan CBI as the weakest among the lot as the case didnt seem so great at all. I do agree with your assessment on Cinema Company. Actually I found Basil as the weakest actor among the lot but eventually it turned out that he got the maximum no. of opportunities while the director guy, who I felt was the best wasnt seen any movie except for some hosting stuff on Kappa Tv

  3. Dear Dilse. Happy to see you again. Did you watch Jilla and Veeram? Interested to hear your opinon on both the movies. I was expecting your reviews.

    I present my take on these 2 movies. Jilla is strictly an average fare worth a one time watch. Key negatives are long duration of the movie and weak screenplay. Lalettan tried his best but was wasted in a badly written role. He mouths the same dialogue in 3-4 scenes which became stale after a point.

    Veeram was a decent entertainer with a good mix of comedy and sentiments.

    1. Yeah, I had watched Jilla but since i was busy I wasnt able to write the review for it. I totally agree with your assessment, they gave Lalettan a good mass intro... but apart from that it's been pretty disappointing. I do understand it's a Vijay's film..but if Lalettan agreed to do it, he should have made sure that he had a well etched character as you rightly pointed out. I didnt get to watch Veeram