Monday, September 16, 2013

Ezhamathe Varavu review: "Legends fail to impress!!!"

Just a day more for Onam & we have got two movies hitting the screens today with one being "Ezhamathe Varavu" which has stalwarts like Hariharan & M.T at the helm. So after helping out Mom with the preparations for the sadhya tomorrow, I decided to head out straight to the theatre to soak in the creation of the legends. With the promos looking interesting, my expectations were pretty high. So will it satiate my expectations???

Dr. Prasad (Vineeth) is an archaeologist who lands up in the jungles of Wayanad on an excavation expedition on a site believed to be part of the ancient Chera dynasty.  In order to make the site easily accessible, Prasad was provided accommodation in a nearby bungalow belonging to the rich aristocrat, Gopinathan (Indrajith) who revels in hunting. On further acquaintance, it so happened that Prasad, Gopi & his wife, Bhanu (Bhavana) were all alumni of Maharajas College. At around this time, a man eater creates havoc among the tribals with even a myth circulating that the tiger came every 7 years to kill 7 females. So was it just a myth???

In all humililty, I proclaim that I am a novice to even comment on the script by the legendary M.T Vasudevan Nair. But from a personal point of view, I was absolutely fascinated by the tale of the man-eater & the way the plot build up I expected it to be a cracking showdown in the climax. Unfortunately, there was nothing of the sort. Actually, the alternate track focusing on the relationship between the characters seemed to be hazily created. Hariharan has no doubt done an impressive job with the script on offer. The major plus points of the film are the technical aspects such as S.Kumar's visuals, Resul Pookutty's audio & Deepak Dev's BGM all of which were fantastic.

In the performance department, Vineeth has done an impressive job as he enacted the role with utmost naturality. Indrajith impresses as well but he wasn't upto his usual standards especially in the initial sequences. As for Bhavana, she has done a decent job while the debutant Kavitha oscillates from being good to amateurish. 

Verdict: Well the film is unlikely to garner much enthusiasm among the audience & in all probability, the film is bound to tank. I do accept that the technical aspects are fantastic but the film fails to entertain. In short, watch it without much expectations!!!

Rating: 2.5/5


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