Friday, September 13, 2013

Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus review: "Only God can save Mammookka!!!"

Finally Onam holidays are here & what better way to relax than being at home, munching on the goodies & checking out the new releases. As soon as I landed today morning, the first poster which caught my attention on the way home was Mammookka's "Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus". Though the promos looked average, I was urged to check it out first before anything else. Hope his latest release will be a perfect Onam gift for fans like us.

Vadakkumthala theatres is a drama troupe in Thodupuzha who has been maintaining the tradition of churning out social dramas for close to two decades. But this time around, Father Sunny (Siddique) plans a light & sound show based on the life of Jesus Christ as a fund raiser. All their efforts to find an individual who could play the role of the protagonist proved futile until  they came across Cleetus (Mammookka) who agrees to it after much coaxing. Little did they realise that though Cleetus resembled Jesus physically, he was a gangster with a character more like Satan.

Mammookka is always known to encourage new film makers & the latest to join this band wagon is Marthandan who is quite well known in the advertising circuit. Armed with the script & screenplay of Benny Nayarambalam who is basking in the glory of the superhit "Sound Thoma", Marthandan couldn't be accused of being a touch confident. But things doesnt seem so rosy for him as the script is pretty average to say the least but has a decent screenplay, thanks mainly to a handful of hilarious scenes. As for other aspects, Bijibal's music was pathetic though I did like the BGM.

As always Mammookka has put in an earnest effort but there is a limit to how much he can salvage a mediocre script. The role barely posed any challenge for him except for maybe tying up his hair. Siddique was fine while Suraj is finally rendering some genuine comedy without being irritating.As for the rest of the cast, Honey Rose barely had anything to do while Tesni Khan seems to be typecasted.

Verdict: The film is packaged as a mass entertainer with slow motion, comedy & action sequences which would definitely delight the hard core fans. It should be a big draw for the families & should pose competition for Dileep's "Sringaravelan". As far as my opinion goes, it could be a hit but it's high time that God drill some sense into Mammookka to reject such mediocre stuff as he is far better than all this. In short, it's an average time pass!!! 

Rating: 2/5


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  1. Mamootty is no doubt one of the best actors Indian cinema has ever produce along with Mohanlal.There is no doubt they are the brand ambassadors of Molly wood worldwide. But bombarding Malayalees with end to end flims,the last one was Kunchanandanthe kadda-in my view it is one in a slew of films which projects a perverted Idealism& hypocrisy, that Malayalees as a whole love to embrace, it is also one of those films where Women(the character of Kunchanandan wife enacted by Nayna Unni- a wife who dribbles with a mobile, who is interested in Facebook, asks for a better standard of living is considered a social misfit in the movie. Although it is the script& not Mamootty who is responsible for all this nonsense- There is no doubt that Keratitis embrace technology-loves the good life & there is nothing wrong in it. Malayalam Superstars are fast losing their sheen now resort to nostalgia generating movies of the yesteryears(most of them sequels & sometimes movies such as this). And remember that news was just in the other day that Shyama Prasad the maker of ARTIST had to go the courts so that his film doesn't get dropped in theaters in Trivandrum. The Theatre owners wanted to replace Artist which was running to packed theaters-and still running-with Mamootty's Daivinthente swanthem Cleetus.