Monday, January 21, 2013

Romans review: "Dynamic duo impresses despite a trite storyline!!!"

Ever since "Ordinary" made extraordinary returns at the box-office, the combination of Biju Menon & Chackochan has been the toast of the industry. Though their combination fizzed away in Shafi's "101 Weddings", the duo has come together yet again for Boban Samuel's "Romans". Hmm...can they recreate their magic???

"Romans" is the tale of two convicts, Akash (Chackochan) & Shibu (Biju Menon) who flees from custody and lands up in the village of Poomala, only to be mistaken for priests from Rome. The church was in ruins as if under some evil spell with all the previous priests ending up with mysterious deaths. Sensing this could be an ideal place for lying low, they decide to masquerade as the priests from Rome that the villagers were waiting for. In due time, they play on the blind faith of the villagers with their street smartness & magic skills. But can they dispel away the omen before it's too late.

After having impressed with his debut venture "Janapriyan", I do have to say that Boban Samuel has disappointed big time as the script by Y.V Rajesh offered nothing new. The only saving grace in an otherwise average and predictable script is the frequent catchy one liners by Biju Menon which had the audience in splits. Another flaw which I had felt was the length of the movie especially the first half. It definitely deserved a major editing as it doesnt convey much in the extended time.

Both Chackochan & Biju Menon have done their best to inject life into an otherwise lackluster script. Biju was on fire with his tongue in cheek dialogues while Chackochan provides ample support. Nivedita was wasted in a worthless role while T.G Ravi & Lalu Alex enacted their parts well.

Verdict: It should have a pretty decent run as the audience will surely lap up the antics of the protagonists. With biggies lined up for this weekend, collections will take a hit but it should be able to break even. In short, give it a try for some laughs!!!

Rating: 2.75/5


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