Monday, January 14, 2013

Maad Dad review: "Stupid would have been a better adjective"!!!

Last year witnessed the entry of numerous new comers into the industry be it either into the technical aspect or donning the grease. Just a couple of weeks into 2013 & it presents us with a new heroine in Nazriya Nazim through "Maad Dad". The promos hasn't been impressive & that is never a good sign as it reduces the chances of a decent initial. Unlike the title, hope that the movie isn't mad.

Esho (Lal) is a doting father to Mariam (Nazriya Nazim) and was a stickler for things of the past be it his choice of names, car, attire etc. So intense was his love for his late wife, Anuradha rechristened as Annamma (Meghna Raj); that his subconscious mind creates an alternate world where his wife was still very much alive. Time finally comes when he decides to give his daughter's hand to her lover, Dr.Bonnie (Sreejith Vijay), much to the displeasure of Bonnie's mother. What subsequently follows is a predictable tale of inflicting emotional scars on Esho & how everything finally transpires.

Thanks to Revathy S Verma who pretty much handled all the major departments from directing to screenplay, she lacked the finesse of a professional. She has come up with a story which neither offers anything fresh in content nor execution. Except for a couple of emotional sequences, the whole movie was pretty much a drag which kinda became unbearable by the acting histrionics of the supporting cast. Another major let down was the music by Alex Paul as it disrupted the flow of the movie with each song being worser than the previous one. The only positive I felt were the poster designs by Ramesh Channel.

Nazriya Nazim is a well known face in the silver screen as she was the host of Asianet Munch Junior Star Singer & did appear in a couple of films like "Palunku", "Oru Naal Varum" etc. But this is her first entry into the league of heroines or is it "heroin"...wonder what the makers meant by terming her as a narcotic!!! She has definitely done a decent job along with Lal who however goes over board many a time. As for the supporting cast, the lesser said the better as it was downright pathetic.

Verdict: Neither will the film garner an initial nor does it deserve to have an audience in the theatres. In short, dont even bother watching except maybe on TV & that too solely to encourage Nazriya!!!

Rating: 1.75/5


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