Thursday, October 4, 2012

Trivandrum Lodge review: "Carnal instincts galore!!!"

Gone are the days when sex was talked behind closed doors & that could very much be due to the changing attitudes owing to Westernisation. This trend has been very much evident in the so called conservative Malayali community since the last few years. Taking a cue from that, our film industry has also been dishing out films with bold themes such as "Chappa Kurish". The latest to join this genre is V.K Prakash's "Trivandrum Lodge", which brings back the successful trio of "Beautiful"; V.K, Jayasurya & Anoop Menon together again. So can this venture on promiscuity replicate the success???

Dhwani (Honey Rose) has recently divorced & wants to enjoy her newly attained freedom to the fullest which even involves fornicating with abandon. Her wish to pen a novel based on the underbelly of Kochi brings her to a dilapidated lodge called "Trivandrum Lodge" which harbours various types of individuals; Abdu (Jayasurya), an unkempt sex starved individual, Shibu Vellayani (Saiju Kurup), reporter of a sleazy film magazine, Kora (Balachadran), a retired clerk who boasts of having experienced ecstasy with 999 ladies & many more. However, all of them had one thing in common & that is their conversations and thoughts invariably revolved around matters under the waist. So how each of these individuals strives for the satisfaction of their carnal instincts which could be either getting laid or maintaining celibacy forms the crux of the film.

Riding on the high of "Beautiful" & critically acclaimed "Karmayogi", V.K Prakash has taken up a rather bold theme which will definitely wont have much of a taking among the family audience. However, the youth which forms the target audience will lap it up gleefully. Anoop Menon who has penned the script hasn't held back what he intended to convey but at times I do feel he has taken it a bit too far. It's definitely a credible & bold effort, however it is quite weird that all the characters seems to have their limbic brain on an overdrive.

Jayasurya is always known to make a conscious effort to experiment with his looks & appearance in every film that he does. Coupled with an impressive performance, his efforts has paid off well. Actually, each & every member of the cast have done total justice to their roles be it Honey Rose, Anoop Menon or Thesni Khan. Similarly, Jayachandran's music was fine especially the track Kanninnullil Nee Kanmani rendered by Najeem while Pradeep Nair's visuals deserves praise for its rustic feel imparted by the mellow brown schemes.

Verdict: Families are likely to stay away from this one while the youth & bachelors will make it a viable prospect for the producers. The film surely makes for an interesting watch though it will make a few of us to cringe & squirm in our seats at certain sequences. In short, an overdosage of carnal talk but it's worth a try!!!

Rating: 2.75/5


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