Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Puthiya Theerangal review: "Nothing new except for the actress!!!"

The name "Sathyan Anthikad" always evokes a sense of being one with nature as his movies invariably deals with situations & scenarios to which we are quite acquainted. All his movies has the backing of the family audience which explains his enviable track record, though of late he seems to have lost his Midas touch with his previous venture "Snehaveedu" not being quite upto the mark. With the Malayalam industry paving way for the so called "New wave films", it is upto legends like Sathyan to prove that their brand of film making still have takers & curiously enough, his latest venture is titled "Puthiya Theerangal". So will this offer anything different???

Thamara (Namitha Pramod) is the pride of the coastal area as she goes fishing in the sea with as much dexterity & deftness as her male counterparts. Having lost her parents in her childhood itself, the light to her loneliness were her three companions of which Mohanan (Nivin Pauly) nurtured a soft corner for her. However, she always wished for a fatherly figure in her life which she was granted with when she saves an old man, K P (Nedumudi Venu) from the waters. She treats K.P with as much care & affection as her late father, but the question always lingered as to who K.P actually was???

Having proclaimed after "Snehaveedu" that the writer in him will be taking a back seat, Sathyan has handed over that responsibility to Benny Nayarambalam this time around. However, Benny's script was as pathetic as his previous effort in "Spanish Masala" as there is hardly any credible story line. The film unfolds in a leisurely pace introducing the various characters & though the question as to who is K.P pops up in the latter half, the audience is least bothered by then as it neither had any impact nor any significant twist. In short, hardly nothing happens during the entire time period except for a couple of situational light moments. Illayaraja's music was average at best while Venu's visuals deserves praise.

The film marks the launch of yet another actress into the industry in the form of Namitha Pramod. She has done a decent job keeping in mind of the fact that her role lacked the sting thanks to Benny's flawed screenplay. Nivin Pauly basking in the glory of "Thattathin Marayathu" barely had a substantial role except for a couple of songs. Nedumudi Venu who actually plays the protagonist essays a role that he has done time & again. As for the rest, the old lady (not aware of her name) who waits for her long lost lover from Sri Lanka does an apt job in tickling the funny bone.

Verdict: The brand name "Sathyan Anthikkad" will naturally make families flock to the theatres but that will last only for the first few days owing to the lack of a credible script. It's definitely a clean movie but what's the point when it offers nothing new except for a new actress & the absence of Mammukoya & K.P.A.C Lalitha. In short, don't bother!!!

Rating: 1.75/5


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