Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ordinary review: "Extraordinary response confirmed!!!"

Living in Bangalore has its own share of advantages & disadvantages, with the prime negative for a movie lover being the delay or at times non-release of many of the Malayalam films. One such movie to be added onto that list is "Ordinary", which has been garnering positive responses since the time it released in Kerala. Anywaz, it has finally released here & we do get an opportunity to decipher the reason for such hoopla.

It might sound interesting but buses at times have played many a significant role in Malayalam films be it Lalettan's "Varavelppe" or Dileep's "Ee Parakkum Thalika". Now it's the turn of Chakochan as Iravikuttan Pillai who dons the khaki uniform of the conductor in the KSRTC to the hill station, Gavi. Providing him company is driver Suku (Biju Menon), who speaks with a thick Palakkad accent. In due time, he develops a healthy relation with the regular commuters of Gavi & nurtures a soft corner for Kalyani (Sritha Srinivas). But what is life without twists & turns, however what actually transpired was more than what Iravi & Suku had bargained for.

The last few years has seen the influx of fresh blood into the industry which has led to the creation of several interesting films. With "Ordinary", yet another director in the form of Sugeeth has been inducted into the fraternity & going by what we have seen, the early signs seems promising. The first half was outstanding to say the least, as the audience gets immersed in the fog kissing valleys of Gavi. However, the urge to inject something serious into the film kind of derailed the latter half, especially the climax. Faisal Ali's visuals were stunning as it seemed as exquisite as a painting, making us yearn to be in such locales. Vidyasagar's music was impressive especially Sun Sun Sundari & Enthinee Mizhi.

Frankly speaking, I am at a loss of words to express the brilliance of Biju Menon. His performance was so hilarious that you feel like watching the first half again. Chackochan's & Biju's on screen camaraderie, is the life of the movie which is more than adequately supported by Baburaj, who never ceases to surprise post "Salt N Pepper". The rest of the crew of Lalu Alex, Jishnu, Ann & debutant Shritha Sivadas have done their part aptly along with Asif Ali, who though at times goes overboard.

Verdict: The film has already been declared a superhit thanks to its brilliant first half. It's likely to swell the coffers even more with the release in centres outside Kerala. In short, though the second half is trite, the first half makes it more than an ample reason to watch it!!!

Rating: 3/5


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