Saturday, March 31, 2012

Masters review: "Masterful thriller!!!"

Summer vacation has commenced & with Vishu, just a fortnight away it's going to be gala time for the movie lovers. Kicking off this session is Prithviraj starrer "Masters", which has already garnered a great deal of hype as it marks the entry of Sasikumar into the Malayalam industry. Coming on the back of the critically acclaimed & commercial potboiler, "Indian Rupee", Prithviraj is slowly & steadily winning over his detractors. Will "Masters" provide an added impetus to his efforts???

ASP Sree (Prithviraj) is one of the most daring, young blooded cops in the Kerala force who has landed in quite a number of soups, thanks to his impulsive & no nonsense nature. However, Sree was lucky to have his best buddy, Milan Paul (Sasikumar) by his side who with his journalistic skills have assisted him in many a case. At around this time, Kottayam is rocked by the suicide murder of industrialist & womaniser, Bala Gangadharan (Vijay Raghavan) by Dakshadas (Piaa Bajpai). Sree was entrusted to unravel the motive behind the murder but preliminary investigations revealed no prior connection between the victim & the murderer. Just as he was drawing blanks, yet another murder happens with the modus operandi being exactly the same. So was there was any link between the murders & will there be more such serial suicide murders??? 

After the forgetful "Ee Pattanathil Bhootham", Johny Antony has come up with an engaging thriller both in terms of content & treatment. Jinu Abraham, who is credited with the story & screenplay has come with one of the best investigative thrillers in recent times. The first half of the film builds up the ante with a couple of well crafted murders providing subtle hints to the audience without ever bordering on the incredulous. Even in the latter half, Johny Antony manages to maintain the tempo but he does gets carried away in the climax by dragging it a bit too much with spattering of emotions & lengthy fight sequence. 

Prithviraj was fantastic as the ASP without ever going over the top & likely to win browny points for his performance. Sasikumar has done total justice to his role though I felt he should have been impactful in the latter half. As for the rest of the cast, all of them have done their parts effectively & convincingly no matter how short their screen presence has been be it Salim Kumar, Sai Kumar, Ananya, Piaa or Biju Menon. Another major reason for imparting the thrill to the sequences was the scintillating BGM by Gopi Sunder & priase worthy visuals by Madhu Neelakandan.

Verdict: The film is likely to garner an impressive opening which should in all likelihood continue owing to its impressive content & presentation. It's common knowledge that a section of society are kinda pre-judgemental towards Prithvi's films, but I dont believe such factors would impact this film's run as word of mouth would be in its favour. In short, being one of the best thrillers in recent times it's definitely worth a watch. So dont miss it!!!

Rating: 3.5/5


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  1. Hey Mithun based upon your review i went for the film. Didnt like it much as there was many things which they could have improved. who ever has given the voice for sasikumar didnt sound well at all, and the friendship that Prithvi had with sasikumar also was not a gripping one, we wont get that feel at all. First 40 minutes is utter waste of time the film just moves by , then it becomes a great thriller but the director failed to take that feel till the end, last 30 minutes is also just a waste of time, not at all thrilling, you should have given a rating of 2.5 r 3 maximum thats what i felt