Sunday, October 30, 2011

Velayudham review: "Typical Vijay flick!!!"

Whenever Diwali sets in Tamil Nadu, the trumpets are blown setting the battle field as to which superstar racks in the moolah. This time around with "Ra One" also hitting the screens, it inevitably meant only Vijay & Suriya will be slugging it out for the honours. After the stupendous success of "Kaavalan", Vijay seems to have got his sagging career graph back on track with a handful of interesting projects. First among them is "Velayudham", which has been promoted as a mass masala flick. The question now is whether it's the same old stuff in a newer poster???

Terrorism seems to be gripping the nation like never before & has been extending its tentacles on South India with renewed vigour. This is the very content that the film touches upon with Bharati (Genelia), a free lance promising journalist who tries to expose the nexus the between the Home Minister & the terrorists. But unfortunately, her efforts were to of no avail which eventually leads to the death of her colleagues. This incident inspires her to create a fictional character "Velayudham", who is portrayed as a crusader against injustice. Incidentally, a person named Velayudham (Vijay), who is a doting brother happens to land up in Chennai at the same time to make arrangements for his sister, Kaveri's (Saranya Mohan) wedding. But destiny had different plans for him, as circumstances forces him to become the fictional crusader. So can he make a difference in this corrupt society???

M.Raja is one of the prominent names in Tamil industry, mainly for being the director who specialises in remakes with his brother Jayam Ravi being the star in all his previous ventures. This time around he has traversed the same path but changed the lead character as "Velayudham" is said to be inspired from Nagarjuna's "Azad" with the costume also an inspiration from "Assassin Creed". Anywaz, Raja has packed the flick with all the masala that would be lapped up by the masses be it Vijay's intro song, glamour gals or the super human action. Vijay Antony's music is another factor which draws the audience with Sonna Puriyadhu rendered by himself & Chillax by Karthik setting the tempo.

Coming to the performances, Vijay is back in his comfort zone & he gives a thumping performance be it dance,comedy or action sequences. Hansika Motwani as Vaidehi was an apt choice with her confidence & oomph factor. Saranya Mohan was at ease while Genelia also delivers the goods aptly. Santhanam, the present comedy sensation does manage to tickle the funny bone while Abhimanyu Singh didnt have much to do other than make good use of his vocal cords & flare his nostrils.

Verdict: Being the festive season, the masses will be looking forward to various genres of films on display & one such genre is the masala mix peppered with dance, action & glamour. Well "Velayudham" offers you just that & though it's the same old Vijay flick, this seemed much more enjoyable as opposed to "Kuruvi", "Sura" or "Villu". In short, this should rack in the cash & if at all you are into Vijay you may give it a try or else leave it!!!


Rating: 2/5

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