Thursday, October 6, 2011

Indian Rupee review: "Prithviraj finally impresses the audience after a hiatus!!!"

Dussehra is one festival which is eagerly awaited by the kids as it gives them the license not to open the books citing pooja. In such a scenario, its natural that the film fraternity would love to cash in on the holiday mood. With Lalettan having kick started the festive mood last week with "Snehaveedu", it was now time for the so-called heir apparent Prithviraj. After having gone through a lean patch & not to forget the flak he has been receiving for his attitude, Prithvi badly needs a solo hit. So this time he has  sought the help of his mentor & ace director Renjith. But can Renjith bring about a revival in his fortunes???..hmm, tough question to answer!!!

Just as the title suggests, the film is a satirical take onto what extent an individual will go to get his hands on the pink bundles of Gandhi even if at the cost of honesty & integrity. Jayaprakash or JP (Prithvi) as he is fondly called, is a pawn in the real estate business who dreams of making it big one day. Finally, an opportunity comes knocking in the form of Achutha Menon (Thilakan), who approaches JP & CH (Tini Tom) to sell off his land. But to their dismay, the deal doesnt go through but Achutha Menon's experience & smart thinking turns out to be a blessing for them for securing another deal. But things gets murkier as JP have to satisfy certain stipulations for sealing the deal. So will JP get sucked into the quicksand of corruption???

After the brilliant "Prachiyettan & the Saint", Renjith is back once again with a well crafted movie. Though the movie lacked the punch early on, it gradually picks up momentum with elements of situational humour & suspense being built up aptly. The music by Shahabaz Aman was fine especially "Ee puzhayum" rendered by Vijay Yesudas but it's picturisation was appalling to say the least. As for other aspects, there is nothing to rave about nor swear at.

In the performance department, Prithvi has come up with an impressive act & seems to be at ease with light moments which was quite unlike him previously. Thilakan makes a stunning comeback, reiterating the fact that he is still one of the best actor alive. As a matter of fact, he carries the movie in the first half before handing it over to Prithvi subsequently. Tini Tom was as proficient as Prithvi while Rima Kallingal deserves a word of praise. The remaining star cast of Jagathy, Mammukoya, Seenath etc., were spot on with their acts as well.

Verdict: Renjith's brand value & the Puja holidays will ensure a good opening for the movie. It definitely has a credible script coupled with some brilliant performances which should satiate the audience. In short, Prithvi has come up with his best performance in recent times & more than ably supported by Thilakan & Tini Tom. So dont hesitate to give it a try, as it's not a waste of our 50 odd rupees!!!

Rating: 3.5/5



  1. very gud mvie..saw t today..we shud support gud mvies like this...

  2. Avg movie.Prithvi and Thilakan was gud.Direction and script not ok.Ranjith tring to imitate his movie pranchi ,but really not up to the mark. There was a gud msg ,but not that new msg.

  3. Good to see good movies in malayalam again..2011 is becoming a golden year in malayalam cinema

  4. Mr 2nd anonymous: How can you say that Renjith is imitating Pranchi?..On what basis?..What matters is the message good or bad?.. its not new or old..He presented in the simple way...
    Never ever appreciate any good movement. Its the only problem with many of these Malayalis.

  5. I wont rate this movie as being an imitation at all & without doubt,it's definitely one of the best movies of the year. Just as Satheesh said, 2011 is definitely one of the best years of Malayalam after a long time with good & different movies like Traffic,Salt n Pepper, City of God, Urumi etc making their mark

  6. malayalikal ee cinema vijayipichilla enkil one thing is sure...

    they desreve only china towns and pokkiri rajas

  7. btw whatever his attitude may be ,prithviraj has given us gud mvies like arjunan sakshi,city of god,urumi,manikyakallu,vv and craps like theja bhai this year..

    loved indian rupee very say ir is like pranchi is like saying aram thampuran is like devasuram.....(coz both are ritten by the same person)


  9. For those who against Prithviraj’s performance,

    Can you point out any reviews they are complaining against Mr Prithviraj.
    All are telling good about his performance ,

    1. : “Things have not really been going hunky dory for Prithviraj for a while now and he is perhaps making a comeback of sorts, as JP in the film. This one is not about brawns and he has moulded himself for this rather deglamourized role with great earnestness and maturity.”

    2. : “Prithviraj’s performance inspires us to repose our faith in him as an actor.”

    3. : “Prithviraj the actor, deserves a standing applause, and a thundering one at that for his performance in Indian Rupee. This is an actor who is like wet clay, and in the hands of the right potter, moulds itself into the most remarkable shape that one can think of. Easily one of the best performances ever in his career, Indian Rupee would as much be remembered for Prithviraj the actor, as the actor would be remembered for the film”

    4. : “Prithviraj has got his career best performance in the film. As JP he shed his actor image and he make others think that “Apart from him no one else should have been better in this role. ” His comic numbers where perfect compared to his recent ‘Teja Bhai and family’. The actor got his much waited break through with Indian rupee. No doubt every one will like his performance as JP, be they love him or hate him.”

    Are you thinking that the writers of these, does’t have any head. They are professionals and they know what is acting and how to judge it.

    Now learn to accept good thing as good and bad things as bad. Live like a man buddy We all know that IR is a great movie and Prithviraj did a great job.

  10. @msbuzzz : Hello.. i saw that movie today. It's not that good or very bad. Stands between average- below average. Thilakan was at his best. He seems very healthy too.. I would say Prithviraj was the only drawback in the movie. He should go somewhere and learn acting properly. The film was boring because of his presence.

  11. watched the movie from Bangalore. Very good movie- must watch. Awesome performance by Prithviraj, thilakan and Jagathi

  12. Nice review.

    Innale familyyumayi poyi Indian Rupee kandu. valare ishtamayi. Ranjith is a wonderful director. Prithviraj really suprprised me with a brilliant performance which was unexpected from him so far( Not forgetting Vasthavam and Thalappavu).He is definitely improving a lot as an actor. Needless top say about Thilakan and jagathi- both excelled in their roles.

  13. The movie is good.It is nice and simple.The movie is carried by Thilakan in the First half and Jagathy in the 2nd Half.Also Tini tom and mamookoya did their job perfectly.
    Don't know how to praise Rima kallngal, she has the role only for the sake of a heroine, giving pocket money to hero and all that same old stuff.
    But still she keeps an average performance with a really below avg, malayalam slang!!!

    Now coming to Prithviraj, yes he has done some good work in this movie but I felt like in some scenes he is simply imitating lalettan eg:
    1.Scene in Jagathy' house when the olice comes to take the 1 cr, he turns back and glimpses his eyes to his police friend just in lalettan style and it was awkward.

    2.When he nicely slips by knowing that his sister's marriage is to be fixed.

    and some more...

  14. Anonymous

    Mon kiitiya koolikku kure ezhuthiyille ini poyi Indian Rupee odunna theateril poyi koovaam, 'Ingine kure koolikaar vannittundu Malayalam cinema nasippikkan.

  15. @raph
    Please explain ...what r u trying to say???

    What Anonymous (the last one) said is correct.
    It is a good movie. And Prithviraj did a gud job.
    Pakshe avante vivarathinum vidyabyasathinum, kazhivinum (avan parayunnathu pole) ulla performance onnum ithililla....
    Pinne pala scenum mohanlaline copy adikan nokittund...
    But the movie is good even if the theme is old it is presented in a simple but new way.

    Pinne eniku thonniya ee cinemayile etavum nalla karyam...Suraj illa ennathanu....

  16. Good movie with excellent performance by one of the finest artist in Malayalam Cinema... Thilakan...

  17. Really a good becoming a big fan of ranjith...he should be a real super star...prithvi raj has done a decent job...he should do more movies likes this which portrays the common man...