Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thank You review: " Audience unlikely to thank the makers!!!"

This past week has been one of the most eventful  in recent times. First, there was the euphoria of the Men in Blue lifting the World Cup followed by noted social activist Anna Hazare leading a successful movement for the drafting of Anti-Corruption Bill. Needless to say, both these incidents galvanized the population of our country like never before & I utilize this opportunity to express our heart-felt gratitude to them. It seems Anees Bazmee is also in a mood to do the same with his latest venture appropriately named "Thank You". So will he & Akki complete a hat-trick of hits after the stupendous successes of "Welcome" & "Singh is Kinng".

The subject of philandering husbands & extra-marital affairs is one of the most sort after topics in Bollywood. So it comes as no surprise that Anees Bazmee is dealing with a similar topic. Incidentally, the premise of the movie is very similar to one of his previous hits "No Entry". Raj (Bobby Deol), Yogi (Suneil Shetty) & Vikram (Irffan Khan) who is their boss are close friends with all of them sharing the concept of "gharwali & baharwali". As one would expect Raj's wife, Sanjana (Sonam Kapoor) doubts her husband & sorts her friends' help Radha & Maya (Celina Jaitley & Rimi Sen), wives of Yogi & Vikram respectively. This marks the entry of Kishan (Akki), who is a private detective with the mission of getting wavering husbands back on track. Without much delay, Kishan gets into the scheme of things & how he plots on exposing the husbands forms the crux of the movie.

Anees Bazmee has also scripted the story which I consider more of a disgrace than a credit . Just like his previous movies, the script here too is an absolute zilch with no place for logic. However, the saving grace in those movies was that it had a high quotient of entertainment;no matter how stupid it was; but this is unfortunately totally lacking here. The first half does have it hilarious moments but the second half was dragging to the extent that we cant help looking at our watches. Pritam's music doesnt have much to write home about as it was more of noise than music. The colourfulness & lavishness that we associate with Anees's movies are still very much intact & kudos to Ravi Yadav for that.

Time & again, Akki has been doing similar roles to the extent that I doubt whether he even have to read the script nowadays. His comic timing is spot on as always but he doesnt bring anything new to the table. It is common knowledge that Irffan Khan is a fantastic actor & here he goes on to emphasise that comedy is not alien to him. Rimi Sen also deserves a word of praise for her decent performance with an apt sense for comedy. As for the remaining cast, except for Suneil who does manage to infuse some laughs..the others were pathetic.

Verdict: Gone are the days when Akki's movies used to command a thunderous initial. With not much to look forward to in this as well, in all probability its going to be another flop in Akki's account. As far as my opinion goes, I am obliged to say "CERTAINLY, NO THANK YOU"!!!


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