Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ko review: "Entertaining & engrossing!!!"

The last couple of weeks featured a dull mood in the box office with not much movies on offer. Its in such a scenario that the much awaited Jiva starrer "KO" has released. The movie has been in the news for quite some time with its impressive promos &  music topping the charts. Another factor surrounding the hype was due to the fact that its helmed by K.V Anand credited with blockbusters such as "Ayan" & Kana Kandein". So will he weave his magic yet again???

The film unfolds with a bank robbery & culprits managing to stage a getaway without much of a fuss. However Ashwin (Jeevan), a promising photographer in a leading newspaper; manages to take snaps of them which turns out to be a vital clue for the police in nabbing them. With the Assembly elections just round the corner, the main contestants in the fray namely Yogeswaran (Prakash Raj) & Alavandan (Kota Srinivasa) is found to play every dirty trick to emerge victorious. Much to their dismay, Ashwin's camera causes their image to take a beating. In the meantime, Vasanth (Ajmal), a young aspiring politician attains the good will of the public with his deeds & character. But will this actually translate into votes in his favour or is there yet another trick up the sleeves of the veterans???

K.V Anand has also taken upon himself of writing the script & kudos to him for coming up with an engrossing piece. Though it is definitely inspired from the Russel Crowe-Ben Affleck starrer "State of Play", Anand has adopted his own style rather than a virtual rip-off. As far as I concerned, there is no harm in being inspired if you can come up with something which is relevant to our society & Anand has succeeded in that. Peter Hein entrusted with the action sequences was awesome along with an equally commendable effort by Richard Nathan for the visuals. As one  would expect with Harris Jayaraj's music, it has been ruling the charts for quite some time now though the placements of some of the songs were questionable as it seemed unnecessary. Another aspect which attracted me was that inspite of being a mass movie there is no over the top daredevilry which we usually associate with Tamil movies.

Coming to performances, Jiva was top notch as the daring photographer with his looks & body language complimenting the character. Pia as Saro was an apt choice as the tomboy while Renuka as Karthika was decent. However, the winner for me is undoubtedly Ajmal as Vasanth who has improved by leaps & bounds be it diction or expression.

Verdict: With an unprecedented release of more than 300 prints, the biggest ever for a Jiva movie there will be a clamour for cashing in on the hype. Having already created a positive vibe well before its release, its gonna get a killer opening which in short means, a sure shot hit. As far as my opinion, it has got an impressive script packed in an entertaining manner. In short, do watch it!!!


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  1. Hey ur review sounds interesting,so looking forward 2watch the movie