Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Madrasapattinam review : A very well taken movie!!!

The Tamil film industry has made it a habit of churning out good movies on a regular basis though the all conquering hero is still very much in vogue. The eagerly awaited period film "Madrasapattinam" was surely worth the wait..set in the backdrop of colonial rule in India, Madrasapattinam is a melancholic tell tale of a distraught lover who sets outside her homeland in the search of her lover whom she had last seen on 15th August, 1947 with the only identification then available being a photograph which was taken 60 years back.

The film definitely reminds us of "Titanic" & "Lagaan"...as some of the sequences seems to be loosely inspired from them. However as opposed to Lagaan...the movie mainly focuses on love between the British Governor's daughter (Amy Jackson) & the dhobi (Arya)..with patriotism also added in it.Reminiscent of the cricket match in Lagaan there is a wrestling match here & some other scenes too...

A great deal of appreciation definitely goes to the art director Selva Kumar who was exemplary in recreating Madras of the 1940s with equal justice provided to it by the camera man Nirav Shah & great music by GV Prakash..(Pookal Pookum & Vaama Duraiyamma are really top notch).

Coming to performances Arya has done a good job & so also the lovely British damsel (Amy Jackson)..they do make a good romantic pair. The villain played by Alex O Neill (as Robert Ellis) has also done a credible job not to forget the competent performances by the supporting cast of Nasser,Cochin Haneefa, Balasingh & MS Bhaskar. But the actual winner of the movie is the director himself, L Vijay who has been assistant to Priyan. The story was written by himself & he deserves applause for that. This is his 3rd venture (after Kireedom & Poi Solla Porom) & in all probability will hit the jackpot.

Verdict: All in all...its a very well made movie..& has the ingredients for a hit. I would suggest that you guys do watch it!!!


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