Thursday, July 22, 2010

Inception review : Brilliant!!!!

Nolan scores yet again with his psycho thriller "Inception"..a mind boggling concept which has been filmed excellently. The strength of the movie is the extraordinary story which keeps you gripped to your seats & also it doesnt confuse you to the extent of thinking its stupid or too complex as in the case of "The Cell" or other movies of this genre.
Di Caprio pulls off yet another scintillating performance after the highly acclaimed "Shutter Island" ,not to forget the equally competent performances by Ellen Page (as Ariadne) who is famous for her roles in X-Men & Juno..Joesph Gordon (As Arthur),Tom Hardy (as Eames) etc.The visual effects of Inception has also been well choreographed & has meaning rather than putting it up just for the heck of visual enhancement..all in all..a must watch!!! but it comes with a catch "you blink your eye.... you miss the plot"

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