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Velaiilla Pattadhari 2 review: "Stale screenplay poses queries whether to watch even if one doesnt have velai!!!

Ever since Poratchi Thalaivi passed away, the political environment in Tamil Nadu has been in constant turmoil. One of the most curious news that has emerged from there in the past couple of days was the interest shown by Rajni & Kamal to enter into politics. Whether they would actually dive into it is a topic for later discussion. But in the meantime, we have Rajni's daughter Soundarya helming the sequel of her brother in law's "VIP 2". The trailer gave the impression that it is made for the masses. But it remains to be seen whether she will be able to make it as well as the prequel???

After his exploits in "VIP", Raghuvaran (Dhanush) is presently a chief engineer in Anita Constructions. His brilliance & unflinching attitude to plough through adversity made him the recipient of the Engineer of the Year. This honour caught the attention of the arrogant Vasundhara Parameswaran (Kajol), whose construction company occupied the numero uno spot in the southern region of the country. Her adamant nature to have the best people work for her, made her make an offer to Raghuvaran. However, he turned it down without much of a thought much to the chagrin of Vasundhara. This spurs her to vent anger on his employee's business ventures & it proved to be a challenge which was too tall for them to withstand. 

This could be said to be Soundarya's debut venture in a way, since her previous effort was "Kochadaiiyan" which was a photo realistic motion capture film. The prequel directed by noted cinematographer Velraj had satiated the critics & masses alike.Unfortunately that's not the case here as the story which is scripted by Dhanush was nothing more than a slightly altered version with an undeniable sense of artificiality. The humour does work at times though it feels that it is been forced upon us & the overall feel is tried to be maintained with characters showing distinct changes in terms of behaviour (eg: Samuthirakani becoming more like Saranya & Amala as Samuthirakani). 

The first half plays to the gallery & breezes through inspite of the drawbacks. But the same cant be said about the latter half as it huffs & puffs towards the climax with hardly anything significant happening apart from a meek villain. Another major drawback is Sean Roldan's music & BGM which lacked the punch of Anirudh. Prasanna could have easily made the movie crispier while Sameer Thahir's visuals were fine. Dhanush rocked as the protagonist & carries the movie on his shoulders. He was ably assisted by Samuthirakani, Vivek & Amala Paul while Saravana Subbiah hardly seemed to strike fear as a villain. The USP of the movie was the clash between Kajol & Dhanush, and the former has done a decent job though there were lip sync issues & her character could have been etched better.

Verdict: It should be able to hold fort at the box office over the weekend on the back of high expectations. Though it doesnt quite live upto it, it will still have the masses interested. If you ask me, I would suggest to think twice before watching it after all the curse of the sequel is inflicted on it to a certain degree!!!

Rating: 2.25/5


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