Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Vikram Vedha review: "Smashing thriller where lines blur between good & evil!!!"

It's been a while since I have watched a Tamil movie as none of the recent ones had enticed me to check it out. But all that changed this weekend when "Vikram Vedha" hit the screens. The main reason being the stellar star cast which pitted Madhavan against Vijay Sethupathy & the classy manner in which the trailer was made. Interestingly, I haven't watched any of Sethupathy's movies though many of my friends told me that he does make wise choices. So was it wise of me to watch this one???

Vikram (Madhavan) is an encounter specialist who along with his colleagues are entrusted with the task of nailing the dreaded gangster, Vedha (Vijay Sethupathy). The film unfolds with Vikram & his team on a mission where they eliminate many of Vedha's aides including his innocent brother, Puli (Kathir). Even as Vikram plans his next move, Vedha surrenders to the police & hence begins an intriguing match of wits between the two. Vikram strongly believed that there is a clear demarcation between right & wrong and that there was no justification for Vedha's crimes. But the latter tries to prove it otherwise & coaxes Vikram to listen to his story before he makes an assumption.  Will Vikram beliefs still remain unshaken???

It is rather uncommon to see director duos nowadays & even more so, when the pair is a couple. The brains behind this intelligent thriller is Pushkar & Gayathri who are calling the shots after seven years. Since I havent watched their previous ventures, "Oram Po" & "Va", I dont have any preconceived notion about their craft. The uniqueness of the movie is the manner in which they have taken the essence of the Vikramadityan-Vedhalam tale & incorporated it here. The interactions between the protagonists is the main highlight, to the extent that each dialogue has relevance at some point in the movie (if I say anything more, it would turn out to be a spoiler). On the technical side, the tone & texture of the visuals adds to the overall effect for which P S Vinod deserves praise. Sam C's tracks & BGM gels with the mood while Richard Kevin's editing was impressive.

But there is little that a director can do unless he has a credible star cast that does justice to his efforts. Luckily, Pushkar & Gayathri have opted for the services of Madhavan & Sethupathy, both of whom were electric on screen. As the track moves forward, we cant help root for Vedha which happens solely due to the swagger & bindaas attitude that Sethupathy imparts to the character. Madhavan was equally good as the no nonsense cop & they were ably supported by Kathir, Varalaxmi, Shraddha & Hareesh Peradi.

Verdict: There is no doubt that this is one of the finest crime thriller that I have watched in the last couple of years. Apart from the acting caliber of the lead pairs, the film has a credible script which is executed in a unique manner. As a person, who never felt the urge to watch a Sethupathy movie until now; this movie was definitely an eye opener. In short, dont miss it!!!

Rating: 3.5/5


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