Monday, January 30, 2017

Kaabil review: "Hrithik impresses but it is not kaabil enough to challenge Raees!!!"

It has been a Super Sunday thanks to Federer's 18th Grand Slam title & Bumrah's brilliant last over which made India stay alive in the T20 series. Since both the matches got over early morning, I decided to spent the rest of the day to check out "Kaabil". Along with "Raees", it had released on the eve of the Republic Day & have garnered decent response from the public. But will the blind protagonist be able to challenge the box office run of  the bootlegger???

Rohan (Hrithik Roshan) is a visually impaired individual who made a living as a dubbing artist. At the behest of his well wisher, he decides to meet a similarly visually impaired yet independent lady Supriya (Yami Gautam). They developed a liking for each other & decide to tie the knot soon after. Everything seemed to be perfect in their small world until Supriya gets gang raped by Amit (Rohit Roy), the local thug & brother of Corporator Madhavrao Shellar (Ronit Roy) & his friend, Wasim. They seek the help of the authorities to nab the culprits but they were up against an opponent who had the power to suppress anything that threatened them. Will justice be provided to Supriya & Rohan???

The film has been helmed by Sanjay Gupta, a director who is synonymous for copying foreign movies & executing it in a stylish manner. Surprisingly, this is one of his least stylized flick as the CGI was pretty mediocre. The script is credited to Sanjay Masoom & Vijay Kumar, though it seems to be inspired from the Korean flick "Broken" (I have to admit that I haven't watched it). The first half of the movie breezes through, with the best scenes being the ones after the rape sequence which both Hrithik & Yami has performed well. As one would expect, the latter half is a usual revenge saga with the means employed rather repetitive after a point. Rajesh Roshan has given some decent tracks while Sudeep Chatterjee & Ayanika Bose's visuals were ok. 

As far as performances are concerned, Hrithik Roshan has given an impressive performance as the blind protagonist. Even Yami has done justice to her role & both of them made a fine on screen pair. Ronit Roy as the stone cold baddie was apt for the role while his brother, Rohit Roy was adequate as well along with Suresh Menon, though the latter didnt have much to do.

Verdict: There is no doubt that the movie has a feel good first half before changing gears into a revenge saga towards the end. The box collections will surely be affected as it will have to compete with "Raees" which caters to the interest of a wider audience. In short, it wont hurt to give a try for the performances!!!

Rating: 2.5/5


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  1. Yes it is truth that kaabil isn't enough to chase the race from Raees. Because story of this movie isn't that much interesting. Climax is also dull from the story.