Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Meenkuzhabum Manpaanayum review: "Apart from the title, everything else is distasteful!!!"

In this competitive world, having a successful career requires hard work & commitment. More often than not, children are influenced by their parents knowingly or unknowingly to pursue their profession. Well I can vouch for that as I was fascinated by the Medical profession primarily coz of my Dad. This is all the more prominent in the film industry where many of the star kids tend to try their hand in acting, some of whom might click while others dont. The latest to join the bandwagon is Jayaram's son Kalidas who is being launched in "Meenkuzhabum Manpaanayum". Even though the promos didnt impress me, I decided to check it out as Kalidas had impressed as a child artist. So was it a decision I would regret???

Annamalai (Prabhu) was a hard working & humble individual who was settled in Malaysia & owned the most popular restaurant in the region. Since he was a widower, the only person he could call as his family was his son, Karthi (Kalidas). Annamalai absolutely adored his son but once Karthi entered into the teenage years, he found his father's affection a bit too suffocating for his liking. Depressed by his son's nonchalant attitude, he shares his concerns with his friend who suggests that they meet up with his Guru who would be able to provide a solution. As expected, the Guru provides a solution but it was something that they had least anticipated.

This is one of the lamest films that I had watched in recent times. This abysmal movie is the debut venture of Amudeshwar  who had also penned the script (oh!!! there was a script???). The fantasy element which was introduced into the plot wasn't novel as it has already been portrayed well in Malayalam "Ithihasa" (even though it was loosely based on "The Hot Chick") & a few other movies. Even then the director could have shown his creativity & taken it in an engaging manner as the thread did have the potential. None of the technical aspects deserves specific mention as almost all of them were forgettable be it the visuals or editing while the music by D Imman was average.

It was surprising to see Prabhu act in such a pathetic manner when he played the Karthik character, as it had no connection at all to the Karthik in the first half. On the other hand, Kalidas has done a decent job when he portrayed the Annamalai character though he was pretty artificial as Karthik. Ashna Zaveri was pathetic while Urvashi & Pooja Kumar were fine. Kamalahasan in a cameo barely had much to do, but he suited the character.

Verdict: It's really surprising as to how Jayaram agreed to his son being launched in this pedestrian venture. There is no doubt that the film will sink without a trace, thanks to its mediocrity, STR-Gautham combo & demonetization. In short, watch it & you might end up hating fish curry as well!!!

Rating: 1/5


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