Sunday, September 11, 2016

Iru Mughan review: "Script fails to do justice to Vikram's efforts!!!

Onam is just a couple of days away as the roads & shops are abuzz with people who is getting ready for the big day. Even the film industries work overtime during this time to make sure they release their movies on this auspicious occasion to ensure more footfalls. So even though Onam might be a celebration of Malayalis like us, even our Tamil brethren do release a couple of big banner movies. So this time we have Vikram's " Iru Mughan" gracing the screens whose slick trailer had excited the audience. Well it's a fact that more often than not Tamil movies garner more collections than Malayalam in Kerala during festive seasons. But this time, will it be able to stand up to the tough challenge posted by our Onam releases since most of them had received impressive reviews???

The Indian Embassy in Malaysia gets attacked by an elderly who seemed to have super-human powers & vanquishes the security personnel with utter disdain in a matter of minutes. From the crime scene, RAW managed to unearth a clue in the form of a 'love shaped tattoo" which hinted that the killer was recruited by "Love", a chemical genius who was hell bent on wreaking havoc in the world through the sale of his drugs to terrorists. The evil mastermind was believed to have been dead four years back, when RAW agents Akhilan (Vikram) & Meera (Nayanthara) had decimated his empire. However, in the process Meera who was also the wife of Akhilan lost her life & Akhilan decided to call quits to his career. Since Akhilan was well versed with the way Love operates, RAW coaxes him to come out of retirement & finish the latter for good. So what tricks will Love have up his sleeve this time around???

This is the second endeavour of Anand Shankar after the crime thriller "Arima Nambi" which had received both critical and commercial acclaim. In his latest venture, he has opted for a sci-fi action genre which he had scripted as well. Coming to the positives of the movie, it is stylishly shot and kudos to R D Rajasekhar for his brilliant effort. Even the music by Harris Jayaraj though not awesome, was pretty good especially the "Halena" track & the BGM was fantastic not to forget the well choreographed action sequences. Nevertheless all of this bears no purpose, if the script & screenplay isn't sound & that's exactly the problem here. The basic thread seemed fine but the way it pans out it terms of characterization, twists & climax proves that not much thought has gone into it & leaves a lot of questions lingering in the mind of the audience. Due to this very shortcoming it doesnt keep us engaged & to add to it, the film runs for more than 150 mins.

Frankly speaking, there isnt much the artists could do if the characters aren't given freshness & depth by the writer. As always, Vikram has done a fantastic job & his effort in portraying the arch rivals was praise worthy making sure that Love wasnt reduced to a mockery of such genders. Akhilan didnt offer anything that we havent seen but Love was top notch with his effeminate body language, eccentricity & killer instincts. Nayanthara had a substantial role and she looked absolutely wow while Nithya Menon didnt have as much screen space. As for the rest, Thambi Ramaiah does tickle the funny bone at times while Nasser was wasted.

Verdict: As expected, the film will have a cracking opening though will it be able to sustain it remains a question (I don't believe so). The sci-fi inspite of being technically top notch suffers from a rather lazily written screenplay. In all likelihood, it wont pose as big a threat as expected to our Onam releases. In short, watch it for Vikram especially his Love avatar but whether it needs to be in a theatre or in the confines of your home is your call!!!

Rating; 2.25/5


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