Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Adi Kapyare Koottamani review: "Kootta chiri for both the audience & makers is guaranteed!!!"

Another 24 hours more & we will bid adieu to 2015 which saw almost 140 Malayalam movies being released, Though majority of them bit the dust, there has been quite a few which did grab eyeballs for its content & treatment. So seeking to claim a spot among such money spinners is John Varghese's debut venture "Adi Kapyare Koottamani". The promos & posters emphasizes the fact that this is a no holds barred laugh riot which is set against the backdrop of a boys hostel. Hmm...will the last movie of 2015 bring smiles to both the audience & producers ???

The film unfolds in Lord Wallace Boys hostel which is under the guardianship of Fr. Alfred Kattuvilayil (Mukesh) who took pride in the discipline of his wards. Though unknown to him, the boarders made merry in their own way with booze & other entertainments. Prominent among them were a gang of four namely Bhanu (Dhyan Sreenivasan), Bruno (Aju Varghese), Remo (Neeraj Madhav) & Koshy (Vineeth Mohan). It so happened that Bhanu had an urgent need for money & a girl by name of Adhishta Lekshmi (Namitha Pramod) whom he meets at the canteen offers to help him out of the blue in exchange for his assistance to enter the boys hostel. The reason as to why she wants to enter the hostel & the problems they face subsequently forms the plot of the movie.

As has been the trend of Friday Film House headed by Sandra Thomas & Vijay Babu, they have ushered in yet another debutant director into the industry. This individual happened to be John Varghese who also scripted the movie along with Abhilash S Nair. The idea of a girl trying to enter the boys hostel does sound interesting, but the excitement in the plot doesn't proceed beyond that. However, the screenplay is made engaging with humorous one liners which keeps the audience engaged. The film works primarily due to the cast that has been assembled who were impressive & the camaraderie that they share off screen has benefited the end product immensely. Shaan Rehman's music was average but I liked the track "Ende Maavum Poothe" rendered by Vineeth Sreenivasan & Co. The same opinion also goes for Ajay David's visuals and Lijo Paul's editing as well.  

In the performance department, though Dhyan is projected as the lead Aju & Neeraj Madhav are the ones who brings the house down with their hilarious antics & cracking one liners. Dhyan has done a decent job but he still needs to work on his comic timing & diction to make it more impressionable rather than appear as buffoonery. As for the rest of the cast, all of them have done a decent job as well be it Namitha, Mukesh, Vineeth or Bijukuttan.

Verdict: It's almost a week since the movie have released & from the reports coming in, it seems to be doing well at the box-office. This is surely an apt choice for this festival season as it will tickle the funny bone of the audience. In short, the humorous screenplay makes it an enjoyable experience & so be sure to check it out!!!

Rating: 2.75/5


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