Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Gabbar is back review: "Wish he never came!!!"

Since morning the news that is trending has been the conviction of Salman in the "hit & run" case of 2002. Though it took quite an awful lot of time, the judicial system has once again reaffirmed our faith that no one is above the law & I am glad that justice has been served. Interestingly, I happened to watch Akshay's "Gabbar is Back" last night where an individual tries to rein in the corruption of the system. So was his fight against corruption, worth my time???

The film unfolds with the police being informed that 10 tehsildars across Maharashtra were kidnapped & even before they could unlock the mystery behind it; one of them was executed who incidentally turned out to be the most corrupt among the lot. This was followed by a message from the executioner "Gabbar" who emphasised that this was just the beginning of a series of executions in other similarly corrupt departments. Incidentally, Gabbar was the pseudonym of Professor Aditya (Akshay Kumar) who along with his band of former students had decided to crusade against corruption. So what had prompted Adi to take this step & can the police stop him from committing further executions???

Just like numerous other Bollywood movies, this was the remake of A.R Muragadoss's "Ramanaa" (which happens to be the only Vijayakanth film that I actually liked). Even though I knew the story, I was kinda keen to check it out after all it had Akki & it was also directed by Krish whose "Vedam" I had really enjoyed. Unfortunately, there was nothing much worthwhile in this movie as the whole product looked jaded with no efforts being made to make the proceedings engaging & it was made all the more appalling thanks to Shruti Hassan. So were there any positives in the movie??? be frank, nothing that I could possibly think of . None of the technical aspects, deserves special mention & even the BGM does give you a headache.

Well Akki barely had much to do apart from exhibit his martial skills & he did seem to have done a fairly decent job, in a role which offers not much scope for performance. Shruti Hasan was downright pathetic & the way she keeps blabbering about "Google" made me wonder as to how come she never got an ounce of acting talent considering the genes she possesses. She has proved that the proverb "Practise makes a man perfect" isn't true coz it's high time she improved. Sunil Grover of "Comedy Nights" fame impresses while Suman Talwar had to mouth just one dialogue for majority of the time & flare his nostrils. 

Verdict: The film is unlikely to create any sort of tussle at the boxoffice & will sink without a trace. In short, you can check it out on TV but make sure to skip through the portions of Shruti Hasan or else you might end up spending money to repair the damage that you would do to your television!!!

Rating: 1.5/5


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