Saturday, February 21, 2015

Haram review: "Viewing the film didnt provide much haram!!!"

Along with "Fireman", another movie that had hit the screens was Fahad's "Haram" which seemed like that he was back to his trademark "bermuda & coffee mug" style. Thanks to the Windies as they wrapped up Pakistan in quick time meant I could make it to the theater for the noon show. From the trailer it seemed like a take on modern relationships, but the question was whether it had anything new to offer or will it be as abysmal as Pakistan's performance???

Balu (Fahad Fazil) & Isha (Radhika Apte) were colleagues in a leading BPO firm based in Bangalore. The latter was recovering from a broken affair & she found solace in Balu as his logical ideologies appealed to her bruised feelings. But no sooner had they tied the knot they start to wonder whether it was a decision that was taken in haste as Isha realizes that she found it hard to adjust to Balu's convictions. So will they be able to rekindle their romance or is divorce the only option???

After showcasing his skills as an editor, Vinod Sukumaran tries his hand in direction & for a start, he shows promise but with a much more compelling script unlike the one he has scripted here. His take on modern day relationships was pretty realistic & some of the intellectual statements made by Fahad showed Vinod's insight in the topic. The major flaw of the movie is the sluggish pace as virtually nothing worthwhile happens throughout & in order to spruce up proceedings, Vinod included a parallel track as well which made it even more irksome. Satheesh Kurup needs to be commended for the striking visuals & choice of locales. In the music department, Thaikuddam Bridge's effort didn't quite appeal to my senses while the additional responsibilities on Vinod meant his editing faltered.

Both Fahad & Radhika has done fine jobs with the roles entrusted to them & even their chemistry worked quite well. However, the lack of substance in the script meant they were kinda handicapped, anywaz I wont be surprised to see Radhika pretty soon in an other Malayalam flick. As for the rest, Rajshri Deshpande, Sreekumar & Sagarika were aptly chosen.

Verdict: The manner in which the film has been marketed will imply that it would appeal only to a niche audience. This effectively reduces its chances at the box office & with a script which meanders along at a sluggish pace, it's probably doomed in all likelihood. In short, the lead pair has delivered but the script fails to !!!

Rating: 2/5


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