Sunday, June 15, 2014

Koothara review: "Much better than what the title indicates!!!"

The Greatest show on Earth has commenced in Brazil & for the next four weeks most of us would be glued to our television sets. With our state being in the forefront when it comes to football, all other events & activities (films, cricket etc) are likely to take a back seat for the time being (does anyone even know there is an India vs Bangladesh ODI series commencing from today???). It is at this interesting juncture that we have "Koothara" being released, whose promos had captivated the imagination of the public with the striking makeover of Lalettan. So can the team of "Koothara" grab enough eye balls or will it's title be an apt description of the movie???

Koobrin (Bharath), Tharun (Tovino Thomas) & Ram (Sunny Wayne) are roomies in Engineering College who eventually become the best of buddies. The booze parties, flings & squabbles made their college life quite vibrant or rather a trifle too lively as they get dismissed from college for their antics. At the behest of their lecturer, they decide to open up a software firm which also bites the dust in due time. As their life meandered aimlessly like a string less kite, they come across Ustad Saale (Lalettan) who seemed like a savior to their problems or was he???

After having impressed one & all with his debut venture "Second Show", Srinath Rajendran is back with an array of youngsters & the legend, Lalettan in an extended cameo. Just as in his previous film, Vini Vishwa Lal has also scripted for this one & I do have to admit that it does have its moments sprinkled throughout the movie. The first half of the movie which focused on their college life was hilarious and realistic however it didn't quite have the conviction in the latter half. Lalettan's role was a well conceived thought be it the appearance or catchy one liners but they failed to execute it properly as the character seemed half baked and lacked substance.

Pappu though not quite in the league of Samir Thahir has done a decent job while Praveen should have done a better job with the editing as the film lagged quite a bit in the second half. As for the music department, it's yet again Gopi Sundar (where are all the rest???) and his efforts were average at best though the BGM was pretty impressive. A word of praise for the make up artist, who had been instrumental in arousing the curiosity of the public with Lalettan's looks.

All the 3 kootharas have done a good job, but the one who actually scores is the "kalikaran" Bharat who is back in Malayalam films after a period of 10 years. Sunny Wayne & Tovino Thomas does justice to their roles while all the female characters barely had anything substantial. Lalettan as always rocked in a role which would have slipped into oblivion if it wasnt for his commanding presence. I just wish Srinath & Vini had put in more flesh into Lalettan's character, as it had the capability to take the film to a different level. 

Verdict: Without a shadow of doubt, Lalettan's dramatic makeover is the primary reason which will urge the audience to flock to the theatre. The hilarious & jovial first half will keep the audience in good spirits, but the latter half is likely to generate dissatisfied grunts & groans. In short, a missed opportunity & an average fare at best but it wont hurt to give it a try!!!

Rating: 2.5/5


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