Saturday, April 12, 2014

7th Day review: "Prithvi back with a bang"!!!

After an abysmal experience watching "Gangster" yesterday, I just hope that "7th Day" will make amends for it. To be frank, among the Vishu-Easter films lined up for release, this was the one I was earnestly looking forward to after all majority of Prithvi's choices had hit the bull's eye in the recent past. The teasers were top notch & had evoked high expectations, but will Prithvi as Cop for the umpteenth time be any different???

David Abraham (Prithviraj), a suspended IPS Officer on the night of X'mas eve rams his vehicle into two bikers, Shaan (Vinay Fort) & Vinu (Anu Mohan) which causes the latter to sustain an injury on his forehead. David takes them to the nearby hospital, but Vinu absconds from there only to be found dead the next day. Sensing there was more to their tale than what meets the eye, David soon finds out that both of them along with their 3 buddies were on the run from Christopher Moriaty, the money laundering tycoon. So can David save the rest of them or will it be too late???

Unlike previous Prithvi films of this genre, his star quotient towers over the character with emphasis on his stunning one liners. I believe it might have been the idea of the debutant director, Syamdhar; but he should have realised that Prithvi revels when given the opportunity to perform in a restrained manner as in "Mumbai Police" & "Memories". Syamdhar seems promising but I felt he tries hard to make the audience feel that the film is damn mysterious though the plot didnt seem to justify that.  Anywaz Akhil Paul's script does deserves praise &  though it's not quite upto the level of the aforementioned films, it still does have its moments especially the climax (though not quite the type which will sweep you off your feet). Deepak Dev's music and background score was fine while Sujith Vaasudev's visuals were brilliant be it the colour tone or lighting. 

Prithviraj has done utmost justice to the role & once again reiterates the fact that he is the undisputed heir after Mammooka & Lalettan. His choice of films has been superlative & his performance as always was in sync with the character without taking it over the top. Vinay Fort was fine though I kinda felt he has not yet evolved from his previous films while the rest of the cast seemed average. 

Verdict: Taking cue from Aamir's "Dhoom 3" strategy where the mantra was "Less is more", the makers of this film had revealed precious little prior to release which naturally heightened the expectations. In addition, the pathetic response to "Gangster" & a more than decent storyline will ensure that Prithvi has got yet another hit in his kitty. In short, check it out!!!

Rating: 3.5/5


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