Sunday, March 24, 2013

Red Wine review: "Pretty bland tasted wine!!!"

It's been quite some time since we had a lead actor having two releases on the same day & this time around that honour is bestowed upon the supremely talented Fahad Fazil. After having watched the exquisitely  crafted "Amen" on Friday, I wouldnt deny that my curiosity has been aroused to see to how he will perform alongside the legend, Lalettan in Salam Bappu's directorial debut "Red Wine". Will it be a double whammy for Fahad???

Anoop (Fahad Fazil) is the multi faceted, dashing young turk and local committee secretary who is the darling of the masses. But his upright manner has caused him to rub shoulders with quite a few in the wrong manner which eventually leads to his mysterious murder. In comes ACP Ratheesh Vasudevan (Mohanlal) with the intention of nabbing the culprit but soon realises that it has been orchestrated by some big fishes rather than a mere political rivalry. 

It goes without saying that the main factor which keeps the audience glued in a thriller is the suspense element. Unfortunately, that's where Salam Bappu has been hard done since Noufal Blathur's script doesn't offer anything new except for touching upon some prevalent issues of which we are pretty well versed. Bijibal's music was average though I found the BGM and Ranjan Abraham's editing to be good.

Inspite of the presence of Lalettan, Fahad was projected more as the lead actor & he has done his role brilliantly as always. Frankly speaking, the role barely challenged Lalettan's acting skills and it was as simple as a walk in the park for him. After having done scores of forgettable films, Asif Ali has come up with a credible performance. As for the rest of the cast, each one of them has done their roles well be it T.G Ravi, Saijal Kurup, Mia George etc.

Verdict:  The film will have a fantastic initial but it wont sustain it as it barely offers any credible thrills or suspense.It's definitely not a debacle & wont burn the fingers of the producers. In short, watch it if you have time or else check it out later!!!

Rating: 2.5/5


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