Friday, November 16, 2012

My Boss review: "Better than usual Dileep flicks!!!"

Deepavali is traditionally celebrated all over our nation but the fervour is played to the hilt by the Tamilians & Bollywood as is evident by the plethora of big budget films which hits the screens during this time every year. Though our industry does usually take a back seat, this time around we have Dileep's "My Boss" trying to carve up a share of its own in this festive season. The promos promises to be a fun filled venture but the question is will it able to withstand the onslaught of the biggies like "Thuppaki" & "Jab Tak Hai Jaan"???

Manu Verma (Dileep) is an IT professional who always dreams of migrating to the West & as the first steps to the fulfillment of his wishes, he lands up with an impressive job in a top notch firm in Mumbai. But little did he realize that he was to play second fiddle to Priya, (Mamtha Mohandas) one of the most haughtiest bosses that a sub-ordinate could wish for. Despite his best efforts, Manu fails to make much of an impression on his boss. But fate had other plans, as Priya finds herself in a soup with some visa formalities & she had no option but to resort to her assistant to help her out. So will this deal work out in a mutually beneficial manner???

After a hiatus of two years since "Mummy & Me", Jeethu Joseph is back with his latest venture "My Boss"; which is a rip off of the Hollywood flick "The Proposal". Though I wont hold it against the film being a copy but the director should be capable of incorporating his own elements into the premise. Unfortunately, that's where Jeethu has failed since it wasn't as entertaining as the original especially in the second half. Anil Nair has done an impressive job of capturing the beauty of Kuttanad while the music by Sejo & M.Jayachandran were average with Enthinnennariyilla being the pick among the lot. V. Saajan could have trimmed a good portion of the second half as it gets a tad tiresome.

Dileep has done a decent job considering the fact that it was a welcome relief from the slap stick crap that he has dished out in "Mayamohini" & "Mr.Marumakan". As always his comic timing was spot on especially in his conversations with Kalabhavan Shajun, who deserves a pat as well. Mamtha was apt as the fiery boss though she didnt seem at ease in sequences where she has to play it over the top.

Verdict: It will surely have a decent opening & considering the overall packaging of the film, East Coast Vijayan wont burn his fingers. The film doesn't offer anything new, though the lighter moments are way cleaner than the usual Dileep flicks. In short, watch it without expectations!!!

Rating: 2.5/5


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