Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bachelor party: "Abysmal & shoddy party!!!"

Monsoons are here & it's been a fortnight since the schools have opened to yet another academic year. So to herald this wet season, the Malayalam film fraternity has come up with two heavy duty films this week one of which being Amal Neerad's "Bachelor Party". After having caught the eye of the public with his debut venture "Big B", things haven't exactly panned as he had hoped for since then. So can his latest venture provide him with a new lease of life???

"Bachelor Party" is a tale of five friends who takes on the underworld don Kamath (John Vijay), so that they could settle scores for making the life of Tony (Asif Ali), a living hell. Tony was a one time driver of Kamath before he elopes with Neethu (Nitya Menon), who happened to be the object of desire of Kamath. So will this band of friends succeed or will the don have the last laugh???

Amal Neerad's films have always been famous for his stylish cinematography & slow motion sequences. But the bane of all of them has been the lack of an impressive script. Unfortunately, matters haven't improved much this time as well. On the contrary, this is the worst among the lot that he has made to date. The script is so amateurish & non-existent that you are left wondering whether they were on a high when they made it. The first half does evoke hopes & laughs with the humorous exchanges between Indrajith & Rehman, but that's about it. Frankly speaking, the lesser said about the second half the better with an atrociously extended climax which was a pain for the eyes & ears.

When the script itself is wafer thin & the characters being poorly etched, what can you expect from the cast. But even then, the cast did their level best with Rahman being the pick among the lot with his subdued mannerisms yet being very much in control. As for the rest, Indrajith & Asif Ali were fine with the former getting to mouth most of the humorous yet lewd dialogues while Kalabhavan Mani was wasted. Nitya Menon & Prithviraj (in a cameo) does get noticed while Remya Nambeesan & Padmapriya shake their booties. Rahul Raj's music was first rate especially "Karmukalil" rendered by Shreya Ghoshal & the visuals had the usual Amal Neerad touch.

Verdict: The impressive promos & an array of stars will ensure a bumper opening for the film, but all of this will die out by the end of this weekend. With so much blood spattering & gun shots as if it was a videogame, it will make you cringe in your seats & makes you yearn for the exit. In short, don't even bother watching in theatre unless you are sloshed just like the protagonists!!!

Rating: 1.5/5


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  1. not that much bad as you said...climax is very bad...its a watchable flick..