Sunday, January 15, 2012

Padmashree Bharat Dr. Saroj Kumar review: "Mere cocktail of disjointed events!!!"

Whenever there has been news of Sreenivasan working on a script, it has always garnered a great deal of hope. Incidentally, this first month of 2012 has been made witness to yet another of his scripts which happens to be a spin off from Roshan Andrew's blockbuster "Udayananu Tharam". Though not claiming to be a sequel, Sreenivasan reprises the character of superstar Saroj Kumar which had won the hearts of critics & audience alike. So can Sajin Raaghavan's debut venture recreate Roshan Andrew's magic???

One of the main reasons behind the stupendous success of  "Udayananu Tharam" was Sreenivasan's excellent portrayal of Superstar Saroj Kumar. This film tracks the life of Saroj Kumar many years down the line during which time he managed to obtain many titles attached to his name by hook & crook namely "Padmashri", "Bharat" & "Megastar". As one would expect, his arrogance had gone up by several notches & uses his clout to remain as the undisputed Megastar though all his films had been bombing with alarming frequency.  Being a stickler for fame & gasconade, Saroj's latest fantasy was to obtain the title of Colonel & he is aided in this by his trusted partner, Pachalam Bhasi (Jagathy). At this juncture, a promising director Alex (Fahad Fazil) bursts into the scene & Pachalam finances the venture with Saroj as the lead star. But things doesnt pan out as planned, as Saroj slaps a junior artist, Shyam (Vineeth) on the sets. This reels off a set of events which threatens to push off Saroj from his lofty perch.

Sreenivasan had come up with an interesting script along with Roshan Andrews in "Udayananu Tharam". Unfortunately, the same cant be said here as the film is just a mish mash of several real life events. Though it has been termed to be a satirical, I would rather term it as a distasteful take on the industry. Majority of the scenes were shot with reference to Lalettan be it the Lt.Col, Income tax raid, elephant tusk or his spat with Sukumar Azhikode, along with references to Prithviraj's English & Jayaram's Padmashree. However, there are a few genuinely humorous scenes such as Saroj's intro. With such a mediocre script on hand, I would term Sajin's efforts as decent while Deepak Dev's music was impressive in a rather pathetic film.

In the performance department, thanks to a weak script Sreenivasan's act kept oscillating from being humorous to utterly unbearable. Suraj repeats his usual boring gimmicks while Jagathy does a decent job. It was surprising to see Mamta Mohandas take up such an insignificant role. Fahad Fazil has been impressive while Mukesh & Vineeth were fine & average respectively.

Verdict: Owing to the so called prequel's aura, the film will take a fantastic opening which might allow it to break even. Anywaz that's the max that it would garner as it's been a distasteful slandering rather than a humorous satire. In short, many sequences were of  B grade standard & so dont even bother watching!!!

Rating: 1.25/5



  1. Srinivasan smashed many myths in cinema---that only handsome hunks can survive and register their presende; this small man can draw audience full atention to him; he defined what is intellectual humour and made a mark as one of the best scenarists and writer. Wish u all success and for the movie tootchar

  2. This movie is really disappointing. I didn't understand what he is trying to say, there is no story base, and stupid comedies... Complete waste of time and money