Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pranayam review: "Exhibition of brilliant performances!!!"

Blessy, the name that is synonymous with touching meaningful cinema has been the favourite of the public & critics ever since he burst into the scene with "Kazcha". Since then it has been the good fortune of Malayali audience, that each one of his films has been a unique experience in itself interlaced with a well conceived script & brilliant performances. So it was inevitable that the audience has been waiting with bated breath ever since it was announced that Blessy's "Pranayam" would be gracing the screens for this Onam. So does he manage to weave magic yet again ???

This time around Blessy has touched upon the topic of love that extends beyond the barriers of age emphasizing that love isnt just about physical attraction but something that transcends way beyond that. Achutha Menon (Anupam Kher) has just survived an attack & presently living with his son's family in the city. It's during one of these days he meets up with Grace (Jayaprada), whom he had divorced 40 years back. Grace in the meantime was happily married to Mathews (Mohanlal), who was confined to the wheel chair owing to stroke rendering him paralysed on the right side. Achutha Menon yearns for her company but their acquaintance is detested by their children. So will they succumb to their children's pressure or live their lives on their own terms???

As opposed to his previous films, Blessy hasnt been able to engage the audience totally as there has been many sequences were it seems dragged or lacks the adequate depth. Inspite of these flaws I still feel that it does manage to touch the chords with some inspired philosophical dialogues. There has been a host of technical aspects which does require mention with the first definitely being the art direction followed by the misty visuals by Satheesh Kurup who delivers a whole different touch. Finally the music by Jayachandran was soulful & touching with some heart warming lyrics by the legendary O.N.V.

There are three protagonists in the movie who has delivered outstanding performances, but if I had to select one; it would definitely have to be the awesome Mohanlal. He essays the role with so much conviction & effortlessly that you can just marvel the brilliance of this actor. His mannerisms & diction were spot on, that you can just hope that other directors also gives meaty roles to Mohanlal to unleash his arsenal. Jayaprada's performance was praise worthy & her beauty can still give the young starlets a run for their money. Anupam Kher, also digs in gleefully into his role as he emotes perfectly the longing he still nurses for his wife. However his dubbing artist wasnt able to impart a similar effect on the audience.

Verdict: The movie is definitely off beat but Blessy's name along with an impressive star cast should ensure a decent opening. I dont believe that it's gonna make as much noise at the box office as compared to his previous ones. As far as my opinion goes, though the film fails to maintain the momentum; the brilliant performances by the veterans makes it a joyful experience. In short, dont miss it!!!



  1. yea brilliant performance by Mohanlal, Anupem kher and Jayaprada...A Wonderfull movie by Blessy...A must watch movie...

  2. pranayam is a wonderful experience . its a must watch.

  3. watch pranayam to realise the talent of nations two most legendary actors.