Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chappa Kurishu review: "Crispier version would have enthralled more!!!"

Since the beginning of 2011, Malayalam film industry has seen a wave of encouraging changes in the variety of scripts being tried out. Though multi-starrers seems to be the flavour of the season, our audience has embraced this new genre comprising of realistic movies which at times might be off beat. Adding to this list is debutant Sameer Tahir's "Chappa Kurishu", who has impressed one & all with his cinematography skills in "Big B". With Listin Stephen taking care of the economic aspects after her much acclaimed "Traffic", there's naturally a lot of anticipation surrounding this release. So will it be a memorable debut for Tahir & will Listin be smiling yet again???

Kochi, the business hub of our Kerala; has undergone a sea of change in the last decade with MNCs & other industries being set up leading it to have a multi-cultural & metro lifestyle. Everyone is busy with their life & it's a race to survive the odds, to carve out a niche for oneself in the society. Some might be forceful, ready to go to any extend to attain their goals while there is another set who gets pushed around & goes with the flow. This is the very concept that "Chappa Kurishu" touches upon through the lives of Arjun (Fahad Fazil) & Ansari (Vineeth Sreenivasan). 

Arjun is in the booming construction sector & belongs to the upper strata of society, who believes that everything & anything could be bought with money or if not, attain it by any means. Ansari, on the other hand works in a supermarket & gets bossed around by all. Arjun has an affair going on with his subordinate Sonia (Remya Nambeesan), though he is engaged to his family friend's daughter, Ann (Roma). On hearing about his impending wedding, a quarrel issues between Sonia & Arjun, & in the process, Arjun loses his phone which is taken up by Ansari, without realising that the phone had some intimate moments between the other two. What then follows is a role reversal with the boss being bossed around. So will Arjun get his mobile before it's contents gets leaked out???

Star cast of the movie
Tahir has co-written the script along with Unni & it's certainly a take on today's lives. Though I have heard a couple of my friends saying that it's a copy; it wouldn't be prudent on my part to harp about it as I haven't seen the original. Whatever may be the case, the script does keep us engaged to the very end; though it does have it's share of flaws. The biggest drawback is that there are many sequences in the first half which more or less disrupts the flow of the movie. It gets dragged around aimlessly with hardly anything happening. If at all the editing had been crispier, it would have made it even more engrossing. Coming to the climax, it's imperative that I mention that it has one of the best choreographed fight sequence that I have seen in Malayalam in being both realistic & gruesome. 

Coming to performances, Fahad seems to be improving by leaps & bounds with each passing movie. He was spot on in his characterization as the suave & scheming boss. Vineeth has also done a decent job as the push over commoner. A lot of hype was generated by the bold act of Remya & she has done a fair job; though the second half doesnt offer her any screen space. Roma & Nivetha, doesnt offer anything to the story other than being extra characters.

Verdict: Impressive promos, French kiss & intimate moments have all created quite a bit of hype which ensured it to have a decent opening. However, the audience will be groaning at times owing to its dragging nature especially in the first half which will certainly be a turn off for many. Inspite of this flaw, I would suggest that you guys should give this movie a try as its quite a good effort in terms of being both realistic & engrossing!!!



  1. found t to be a 'wannabe' latin american movie....too boring at times with a flawed screenplay,this one cud have been a better film(but with everything frm the promos to the songs to the basic theme (handfone) copied we really doubt the true calibre of those ppl behind this over hyped venture

  2. After hearing mixed comments from my friends finally i watched the movie.many of the audience criticized that the film is too boring at times and it doesnt have any element to catch the attendence of the viewers, but what i personally felt was just opposite.there was something realistic,in the story that drag us to it.the main positive point is that neither a vulgar sex scene nor a fight was peppered in the film just for commercial purposes.CHAPPAKURISH that proceeds on happenings and minute feelings is the best film released in the right time. Infact chappa kurish is one of the film that directed malayalam towars a new era!