Sunday, July 3, 2011

Delhi Belly: "Aamir strikes gold with this entertaining adult comedy!!!"

Aamir Khan productions has always come up with movies which more or less dealt with clean realistic social issue movies. Interestingly, ever since "Delhi Belly" was announced, there has been wide spread rumours that Aamir was taking an outright risk as the content of the movie was likely to damage his reputation. Anywaz that itself upped the hype & its impressive promos seemed to be the apt appetizer as it wetted the appetite of the audience even more. So was this all a publicity stunt or has Aamir again struck the jackpot???

"Delhi Belly" takes us into the life of three bachelor living in one of the most dingiest pads possible. They are the lads of today who mouths expletives as part of their normal lingo. These so called characters are Tashi (Imran Khan), a struggling journalist along with his photographer room-mate Nitin (Kunal Roy) & the cartoonist Arup (Vir Das) who has recently been dumped by his girl-friend.  Tashi is about to be married to Sonia (Shenaz Treasury), who in the opening sequence asks him to deliver a package on behalf of her friend. Little did they realise, that all hell was going to break loose due to this, as Arup misplaces the package for Nitin's stool sample in the clinic who suffers from the worst case of Delhi Belly imaginable after having chicken from a street vendor. It seems they had unknowingly become the couriers for the gangster essayed by Vijay Raaz, who threatens them of dire consequences unless the package was returned. So how will they get out of this mess???

Undoubtedly, this is the best adult comedy to have come out from Bollywood. The biggest plus of the movie is its excellent script by Akshat Verma who gets the incidents interlaced in an engaging yet hilarious manner. The lingo is very much in sync with the youth of today & it doesnt give the impression that humour has been painstakingly incorporated into the film. Abhinay Deo has hit the bull's eye this time around after his not so successful debut "Game". Without doubt this film is likely to be the pioneer of thrilling adult comedies, as this genre has never been adequately explored in our country. Another USP of the movie was Ram Sampath's music which was totally hatke & had the charts scorching with "Bhag DK Boss", "Nakkhadwale Disco" & "I Hate you" being the most prominent among an interesting array of songs. 

Coming to performances, all three of them were awesome with their wavelengths being pretty much in sync. However, the show stopper has to be Kunal Roy who gets you into splits until your sides ache. Vir Das was impressive & Imran Khan comes up with his best performance to date. Vijay Raaz as the gangster was outstanding while the female leads by Poorna Jagannathan & Shenaz provides the boys with adequate support.

Verdict: Aamir's brand name & catchy promos will have the public rushing to get their tickets. Though very much bold in language, it doesnt feel obscene at all as it feels totally apt for the situation. I believe this is likely to be a trend setter & going to add yet another hit to Aamir's career graph. In short, I would suggest that you guys not to miss this one!!!


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