Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ready review: "Salman...the name says it all!!!"

Since the last two decades, the Khans has been ruling the industry, be it SRK, Aamir or Salman with occasional hits from Big B & Akki. But if there is one star who is the darling of the masses, its undoubtedly the favourite poster boy of India, the one & only SALMAN. Whether you like him or not, you cant definitely ignore him & his mass appeal blockbusters are testimony to that. His movies are eagerly awaited by all sections of society, except for the connoisseurs of meaningful cinema as his movies are high on entertainment but low on content. To add to this list arrives Anees Bazmee's "Ready". Hmm...now lets see how would this fare???

Frankly speaking, its actually pointless to even discuss about the storyline, as Anees Bazmee's movies are always a mish mash of rocking music, insane comedy & a wafer thin outrageous plot. However, I will try to make sense of this tale. Prem (Salman Khan..hmm, its almost the 15th time since he has used this onscreen name) is the son of a rich business man, Ram Kapoor (Mahesh Manjrekar), whose only job seems to be helping lovers in distress. His parents contemplates on getting a suitable bride for him & that's when Sanjana (Asin) turns up in their family on the pretext of mistaken identity. In due course of time, Prem falls for Sanjana & comes to realise that her two uncles wants to usurp her fortune by getting her married to their brother in laws. The latter part then basically focuses on what all Prem does to resolve the problem amicably.

In comparison with Anees Bazmee's no brainers such as "Thank you", "No Problem" etc., this one was far far better. It might be due to the fact that it is the remake of the Telugu hit by the same name "Ready" starring Ram & Genelia & later on remade in Tamil as "Uthamaputhran" with Dhanush & Genelia as the leads. It's loud & liberally sprinkled with slap stick comedy. But the show is totally focused on the antics of Salman, which I am sure the masses will lap it up. The biggest highlight of the movie other than Salman is the awesome music by Pritam & Devi Sri Prasad with "Deela character" & "Dhinka Chinka" already being chart busters.


Coming to performances, its trademark Salman all the while & he plays it totally to the audience. His comedy, characteristic dance steps, style, stardom & finally the shirtless torso...you name it & he gives it in ample measure. As for the remaining cast, Paresh Rawaal supports him well while Asin just had to look good. The rest were more or less for the numbers as the eyeballs were inevitably always on Salman.

Verdict: There is no doubt that the movie is going to be the first blockbuster of the year. Though virtually devoid of anything called script, the masses are gonna create a ruckus in theatres with his brand of style & humour. In short, if you are a hard core Salman fan, dont miss it!!!


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