Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Seniors review: "Punning galore in this entertainer!!!"

With the summer vacation in full swing, its been party time for the movie buffs as movies has been flooding the theaters. Owing to the World Cup & elections, many of the films were delayed to the extent that every weekend is seeing 2-3 releases. However, due to this many of them are finding it to hard to even get release centers. Thankfully, the eagerly awaited "Seniors" managed to secure a decent release in around 70 centers owing to the impressive promos & a distinct star cast. Its been helmed by Vysakh who had a dream debut with "Pokkiri Raja" & scripted by the Sachi-Sethu duo who are coming on the back of the debacle "Doubles". So what will the combined duo produce at the box-office???

The opening sequence takes us 30 years back, where a boy is witness to his father's suicide after his mother walked out on him for her lover. Another 15 years later, its the College day of Maharaja's College, where a girl gets murdered. Finally its fast forwarded to the present day where Padmanabhan (Jayaram) is coming back from jail & is received with open arms by his three close friends namely Philip Idiculla (Biju Menon) a planter; Rasheed Munna (Manoj K Jayan), a ladies accessories shop owner & Rex Manuel (Chackochan), a painter. Without further adieu, we are made aware to the fact that Padmanabhan had served the jail term for his friends; but for which he had no regrets. But he nurses the dream of going back to the same college to do PG along with his friends. With much coaxing, his friends also agrees to join him to relive their college life. However, things doesnt go as smoothly as expected, as another girl meets with a near death experience under similar circumstances. Was history repeating itself or is there something more to it than coincidence???

Vysakh has done a fine job in imparting suspense & comedy in adequate measure; without much of a drag  anywhere. It was expected that Sachi-Sethu who had hit a trough with "Doubles", couldnt do much worser. Frankly speaking, I do agree to that; but here too the plot isnt upto the mark with glaring loopholes & a very predictable climax. The first half breezes through with its share of comedies which though will instill laughs is in fact a case of pure punning. The latter half, gets us into the heart of the plot which is questionable but executed decently. As for other technical aspects, the visuals by Shaji were lively while the music by Alphonse, Alex Paul & Jassie Gift being decent. 

Coming to performances, Biju Menon absolutely rocked especially in his dynamics with his son. He has also been successful in serving up some hilarious one-liners which had the audience in splits. Jayaram has done an apt job while Chackochan seems side lined at times in the first half. Manoj K Jayan as the eternal flirt seemed to be a misfit, as he overacted his part; in my opinion Indrajith would have been the best choice. As for the remaining cast, Suraj does tickle the funny bone while the female leads seemed fine.

Verdict: The film is definitely going  to have a good opening & likely to get the bucks coming in without fail. As far as my opinion goes, I found the plot lacking clarity with an equally predictable climax. However it does have its hilarious moments which though thrives on double meaning makes it good enough for a one time watch!!!


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