Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kudumbasree Travels review: "Roller coaster in terms of script & quality!!!"

This week witnessed the entry of Mythri Visuals into the cinema arena, who are one of the collosial names in the silver screen. They are famous for being makers of the hit serial "Daya", which swept all the State awards including Best Serial & Best Director. Their premiere venture "Kudumbasree Travels", is helmed by another debutant,Kiran who has already proved his credentials with the hit comedy serial "Ettu Sundarikalum Njaanum". will these veterans of the idiot box strike gold in 70mm also???

Chithirapuram, a village where even mobile connection has just started to find its feet forms the premise of the protagonist Aravindan (Jayaram). He is a well known Chakyarkoothu artiste who has been looking for marriage proposals with the condition that his better half should be a Nangiyarkoothu artiste. With time, such a proposal comes up in the form of Ashwathy (Bhavana); much to the displeasure of Chachu (Jagathy), Aravindan's uncle who has been hoping that his nephew will tie the knot with his daughter. Finally the marriage date is finalised & everyone who are near and dear to Aravindan (which even includes a goat as well) leave for the bride's place Kochi on Kudumbasree Travels. Things however doesnt pan out as smoothly as expected with obstacles putting its head up at every nook & corner. These impending twists & turns forms the framework of the movie.

With such a weak script, the only thing that could salvage it to atleast deem it watchable are the performances of the cast. Jayaram does manage to instill laughs but it goes without saying that he has been wasted owing to a poor script. Bhavana just had to look gorgeous, which she was; as she hardly had any dialogues. The pick for me from among the huge star cast was undoubtedly Maniyanpillai Raju essaying the role of an astrologer. It was an absolute mystery as to why there were so many characters with hardly anything to do; I guess that answer could be given only by the director.

Before concluding, its imperative that I mention that this movie had definitely one of the worst music compositions I have listened to in recent times.The lyrics of the opening track was appalling with an equally abysmal tune. Did Vayalar Sharathchandra Verma & Bijibal do this crime in their sleep or was this a show of vengeance???? God knows!!!!

Verdict: The movie does manage to tickle the funny bone at times, with a Priyan style helter skelter rush in the latter half. Its unlikely to trouble the cash counters much, with the possibility of even breaking par being too optimistic. In short, its watchable provided you dont have much expectations & have time to spare!!!


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