Sunday, August 8, 2010

Aisha review: A chic flick meant for the multiplexes!!!

Sonam Kapoor starrer "Aisha" is a contemporary take on the Jane Austen novel "Emma". The plot basically involves Sonam (as Aisha) who believes that she is the perfect match maker by design rather than waiting for love to happen. She tries playing the match maker for her friends..but things doesnt pan out the way she plans & eventually she also realises that love is something which just happens rather than being forced. 

Its a pretty shallow story & wont go down well with most of the guys for sure. But the movie certainly has its plus points & that being the star cast, music & costume designers. Sonam has essayed the role of the protagonist with panache & elan... she certainly looks at ease playing the high society female who is just interested in spenting her dad's money, fashionable dresses,animal rights etc. However there is no denying the fact that she hasnt been as good in the emotional scenes in the climax. Abhay Deol (as Arjun) always has played his role naturally & does make an impact. The supporting cast has also been commendable.
The music of Aisha by Amit Trivedi has already created waves especially the title track "Suno Aisha". Another special mention goes to the costume designers & has been pretty top notch with trendy outfits keepin with the fashion of the rich & elite. The director Rajshree Ojha has done a decent job...but the
movie does bore you for sure at times especially in the second half.

Verdict: As the movie is made on a low might be able to break even however it all depends on how it fares in the multiplexes. Personally speaking I am not a great fan of chic flicks...& since this certainly comes in the genre of "Sex & the City" & Twilight series..those who are not fans of those kind of movies can give this one a miss!!!!!


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